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Confidence- finding it, building it & keeping it.

Confidence is a word I never thought of until I hit my 30's. I didn't realize the heavy impact it had on my daily life until I was shaking off the dust and jumping back into modeling. As a mother of two, my body is much different than my 20 year old self. The weird thing is- in my 30's, submitting makeup-less, bathing suit pictures, I felt more confident than ever and that is when the significance of the word really hit me.

Where do we find confidence? Do we all grow up with it? No. Is it something taught, something instilled in us by our parents, teachers, coaches? Yes. Is it something we have control over? Always, to some extent. How can I build confidence? How do I maintain it?

Confidence is feeling sure of yourself and your abilities ( not in an arrogant way). It is a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable. Confidence is like any other emotion. It is something you feel, and you can train yourself to access it in an instant.

Ok so how do you find it? Discover your purpose.                                          Simple, right? It can be. Your purpose may to be to raise money and run a marathon OR it may be like mine ( a bit more "general") - be the best human you can be. Be a good example and pursue the things in life that drive your heart & soul.

Now we build.

Build your confidence so you can pursue your purpose. Let's all start with a big, deep, breath. Inhale positivity and a mindful of YES YOU CAN DO IT! Exhale doubt, uncertainty, second- guessing and negative thoughts. Adopt the mentality that anything is possible if you want it. Build yourself up by remembering past accomplishments, victories, or things that make you unique from others. Live in those memories when the negative thoughts creep in. If you did something great in the past, you can do it again.     

How else do we build?

Practice gratitude. Take a moment to appreciate all that your body does for you. These moments will help to remind you that it is a gift, not a burden.

Find a power pose, a pose that awakens that inner warrior we all know is there. A pose that makes you feel strong and bring that feeling into every day practice. 

Visualization. This one is my personal favorite. See what you want, visualize it over, and over again so that one day, when it happens, your brains already knows what to do! Remember that you get what you focus on.                                         

Now..... to keep it? Consistency, my friends. Stay on top of your negative thoughts. Boop those motherflockers out!!! Stand up tall, shoulders back, smile on. Self care, mentally and physically- every day. Be grateful for what you have and where you are. Visualize who you want to be and where you want to go. Choose to be confident.


I believe in you, do you? 



I & J


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