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Instantly Gratifying Insider Beauty Tips

One of my favorite things about working in the biz is the creative people from all over the world that I get to meet, especially the hair and make up artists. They are truly the unsung hero's that make all the magic happen. Their arsenal of tricks come from years of experience but also the very intimate relationship's that are formed with the talent in their chairs. They get to see a person sit down, bare faced, totally vulnerable (and usually tired) and then transform into the performer everyone on set is waiting to see. Typically this takes 90 minutes during which a load of personal philosophies (mixed with the juiciest of gossip) is exchanged and after 10 years of sitting in these chairs, being touched by these angels, I've collected some great tips to pass on to you. The following is a list of topical tricks,  because Beauty From Within deserves it own post (coming soon), here ya go... 

1.) Lumify eye drops- look it up. They're about 20 bucks and you will not be disappointed, more effective than your typical Visine or Clear Eyes. Taking away the redness enhances the beautiful color of your peepers AND if you know anything about portrait photography, you know that what intrigues people to a photo most is a clear view of your balls...eye balls, you sicko. You're welcome. 

2.) Get Shady- Having your face in the sun is not a great idea, I personally avoid it at all costs. Wear sunscreen everyday, even when its cloudy and get yourself a good hat. My must have item on outdoor sets is my sun reflecting umbrella, again they're about $20 bucks and people laugh at me but I will be the last one laughing!

3.) Double cleanse! This is one of the simplest things you can do daily. Makeup and build up create dull looking skin and eventually creates congestion in your pores. Once you wash your face...wash it again and gently blot to dry, don't rub or pull your skin. #rinseandrepeat

4.) Silk or satin pillow cases- you can get kinky in bed.. but hair kink's? Not so cute. Swapping out your cotton cases for a smoother fabric not only provide's hair benefits like frizz protection & less breakage but it's less drying than cotton so your hair AND skin will stay more hydrated. Sleeping on silky surfaces creates less friction which results in less skin creases and lines, less irritation which means less inflammation which also means less chance of acne. *Adds to cart

5.) DO NOT PUT HOT WATER ON YOUR SKIN (regularly anyway, if your popping a pimple see #6); always use cool or lukewarm water on your skin. If you can't give up your steamy hot showers, do yourself a favor and try to keep your face out of the water. It's irritating and drying which in turn leads to premature aging!

6.) If you do get a pimple, try not to touch it. Let it do its thing. Also buy a pack of pimple patches. (I like the Peach Dots, $4). It's a non-invasive way to extract the culprit gently and slowly overnight. If that doesn't do the trick, slap another one on in the morning until the sucker is gone. If you don't have that much time, apply a warm or hot-ish compress to pull out the head but do not pop that thing like your less experienced teenage self would. Breaking the skin will scar you and could lead to spreading of bacteria beneath the surface just to cause further breakouts. I always stay stocked with a pack of these and apply one the second I see anything emerging, not today buster!

7.) Blotting sheets- less is more! Instead of caking on powder to reduce shine, get yourself a pack of natural bamboo blotting papers, $4. Not saying totally ditch your compact, but more than two touch ups in a whole day or night will just dry you out and leave your skin looking tired and dull. 

8.) Get a cool mist humidifier- this is especially helpful in the winter and in dry weather areas but let's face it, anyone anywhere could use moisture. The good ones run for about $70-100 and will release moisture into the air to increase humidity levels while increasing your skin's supple factor. (I originally bought mine for my dog, it's good for his tiny airways and helps with reverse sneezing and allergies #iykyk)

There's more where these came from! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to shine like a star..(just not in your T-zone :)



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