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Start Your Own Biz- Our Top 3 Tips

People have asked, "How'd you do it?" transparency, still no flocking idea! The journey from let's do this to we did it was a 3 year marathon of ups & downs; thousands of decisions, early mornings, sleepless nights and a bit of luck. Starting your own business is no easy task but thanks in large part to a few key ingredients, you too can be your own boss. Here's our top 3 tips to set yourself up for success with whatever your entrepreneurial goals may be; 

1.) Trust your instincts- this is our religion. We're not saying don't do your homework but by the time you make it to the pivotal position to actually make a decision...go with your gut. Women are especially blessed with intuitive powers, use it! Also, exercise it. Intuition is a muscle and when you train yourself to trust it, that little voice gets louder and more clear. Studies show that when you are faced with a decision, it's your initial, instinctual response that is most likely to be in your favor because there's less time for doubt and more room for free flowing authenticity. 

2.) Set your intentions- this goes for everything from starting a successful business to simply starting a successful day. What is your mission and what do you want to tell the world with your message? What to you hope to achieve by creating this company and where do you see it going? Clearly answering these questions will give you a sturdy foundation to build and it will help set your sights on what's possible as well as provide a breeding ground for manifestation. We strongy believe in the saying; "The decision to start is the hardest part. Decide what you're going to do and watch the whole universe conspire in your favor"!

3.) Speak it into existence- this is something our advisors strongly disagreed with, "don't put your idea out there before we have something concrete"...BUT we trusted our guts, not the advice of the suits looking down on us, and it turned out we were right. If it weren't for starting an instagram account, adding all our friends and telling everyone that we'd set out to do this, we may have never had the strength to pull through the hardships. This keeps you accountable, when you say it and put it out there into the world, IT'S REAL. Sure, it's scary AF but if you truly believe in yourself, you'll make it happen. It just might take a little longer than you thought. 

So yes, we did it... but we're also still doing it. The work of a business owner is never done. There's always more to learn and ways to make things better. Stay open, stay true to yourself and stay committed to nurturing your baby. Like this! It's our very 1st blog post, how did we do??

Got more questions? We're happy to help! Contact us with any questions you might have about what it took to get off the ground. We don't have it all figured out but statistics say that 50% of start ups fail within 5 years and we started in 2013 so we're doing something right!






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