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The Importance of a Daily Routine

Good morning good-lookin' its time to start the day! Let's jump into a daily routine...What is a daily routine, you ask? A daily routine is a collection of habits. If you choose your habits well, this will lead to a healthier, happier, and more productive day.

Time, such a precious commodity. Creating a solid daily routine will keep you on track all day for using that time wisely. This routine will help you to overcome distractions and be more intentional with your time spent.

Creating your routine does not need to be complicated. Here's a look at mine:


I like to wake up slowly. (I have kids so this doesn't always happen but I relish in the times that it does.) I take a few deep breathes, stretch, and think about my day ahead.

Give my husband + kids love and morning snuggles. Cuddling gives me an instant boost of happiness, releasing all of those feel good hormones. Humans thrive off of positive physical touch. It is a crucial factor in our physiological and psychological well-being. I can go on and on about the benefits of this.... but please, soak up some love from someone today!

Drink a full glass of water. This immediately helps to rehydrate the body. If you don't stay hydrated your physical performance may suffer!

Open all the curtains & blinds. GIVE ME ALLLLLLL THE LIGHT. Light can help regulate mood, behavior and the body's natural rhythmic patterns. Open the blinds and fill up your living & work space.

Make the bed as I listen to morning affirmations & clean up my space. Making my bed everyday helps me gain a sense of accomplishment within minutes of waking. Clearing the chaos gives me space and reduces stress.

Put on my workout clothes (that I prepare the night before).

Workout. I warm up listening to the Mindset Mile and then switch to a fast paced music for the duration of my workout. Cardio & weights, 5x per week. I do this for my mind & body. (Working out and being by the water are my happy places.)

Following my workout I try and accomplish two smaller tasks from my running to do list. This could be an email, shipping an order, returning something, or even doing a load of laundry.

Shower. I start with warm water and finish with a minute of colder water. I personally use the cold water to benefit my hair (preserves natural oils, healthy shine, + more moisture) but there are many more benefits to it.


Work! After getting through my morning routine and all things that feel necessary to get my mind and body moving, I get to work. Now, I am a SAHM but I am also the co-owner of a small business, model, doting Auntie, and in the epicenter of a large family. My days & work look very different. Some days I drop off the boys and immediately come home to do hair/makeup and film a casting. Some days I am packing orders and heading to the post office. Other days, I am swimming in dishes, laundry, and extracurricular kids activities. My days are never spent lounging on my sofa or catching up with a Netflix series (but please, dear god, let me do this on a Sunday for at least 2 hours).

Collagen & vitamins. I take these in the afternoon so that I have some sort of food in my stomach but I am a strong believer in supplements!

Tea. Always. Every day. I usually have a cup around 3pm.  I like green tea or a sweet tangerine. Yogi brand tea has my heart, I will drink any that they make!

Light candles. I do this everyday around the same time I make my tea. I like to go into my evening with a sense of calm and lightness.

After the important things are wrapped up I head into dinner prep. My mother-in-law taught me this wonderful hack. Prep dinner before the chaos. I will trim my veggies and put them in the pot so all I have to do is turn on the stove. Season the meat, prepare the potatoes. Do all the things now so that dinner is not stressful for anyone. People with little ones- you feel me on this one.


Nightly clean up. Vacuum the floors, fix the pillows, put everything back together. 

Dim the lights, shut the curtains. I always get made fun of my mood lighting! I am all about mood enhancements! Spray the lavender, light the candles, dim the lights- whatever you need to do to help yourself unwind.  I personally think it helps my kids acknowledge we are going into bedtime routine.

When I finally sit down and the kids are asleep, I dive into my phone for about an hour. I check social media, emails, grocery shop, easter plan, you know, the million other things I wasn't able to accomplish between school pick up, 50 snacks for the kids, shoving whatever food i could grab quickly down my throat and swim class.

Reflect on the day. I acknowledge one thing that was great about my day every day. I like to do this in the evening because I have more time to sit with my thoughts and feel gratitude for what I have.

Plan for the next day.

Watch a show with my husband, snuggle. Fall asleep with my glasses on.


This is just the cliff notes of my day. I, like every other platform, wanted to highlight the happier things. Not the - diaper changing, tantrums, unexpected visits, forgotten last minute appointments, deadlines, anxiety, etc. By establishing a daily routine I am able to manage the unexpected and less desirable moments of my day.

Everyone's daily routine is going to look different and thats the beauty of it. No one thing works for everyone. Do your best, establish a routine, and get yourself on track for a better day!





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